In Remembrance

The Gold Memorial Stars seen on troop flags are placed on the flag as remembrance of those former and current troop members whom have died in the service of their country.  

Sgt. Foster L. Harrington

The war against terrorism has directly affected many of our lives.  The Gold Memorial Star on Troop 502’s flag is in remembrance of Foster Harrington, whom was a member of Troop 502 from 1984 through 1988, earning the rank of Star Scout.   Marine Sgt. Foster L. Harrington (3rd Force Reconnaissance Company, 4th Marine Division, Marine Corp Reserve) was killed in action on September 20, 2004 while fighting insurgents in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sgt. Harrington was the 12th member of the armed forces from the Dallas-Fort Worth area to be killed in action since March 2003.  We thank you, Sgt. Harrington, for your service to the United States and defending the cause of freedom.  May God bless you.